I'm a former WNBA champion, Division-1 collegiate Kodak All-American, First-Team All-American, Big Twelve Player of the Year, Two-Time Hall-of-Famer and WMLBA Championship coach who has played and won many games in my life. I've lived out my dreams and passions of being a professional athlete. Now, I'm living out another dream and passion of mine, which is motivating and inspiring today's youth through motivational speaking, after-school programs, mentorship programs and sports performance coaching and training. I’ve always had the desire for uplifting our youth because our children are the leaders of our future, however, they desperately have a need for positive words of encouragement, they have a need for strength, hope, discipline, self-love, and self-respect. All of these qualities to replace bullying, teen suicides, teen depression, anger, and hate.

As a former high school teacher and coach with an innate ability for building solid, foundational and meaningful relationships with my students; I want to use my platform as a professional athlete to better the lives of our children by teaching them compassion, leadership, teamwork and support for themselves and each other.  Now let’s face it, ...Kids LOVE pro athletes, they emulate pro athletes, they LISTEN to pro athletes and I would love the opportunity as a professional athlete, to use my voice to share with your students the keys to transforming their lives; and to share my stories of success from very humble beginnings. 

I am a champion. I’ve ALWAYS been a champion! Now, I am a champion building champions in the game of life. I want our future generation to live happier, healthier, meaningful lives and I want them to build happier, healthier, meaningful relationships. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share my story, but I’m especially thrilled to see how excited your students are going to get about playing in the game of life AND playing to WIN...; after hearing what I have to say! 


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Helping individuals and communities learn to cultivate flow, happiness and well-being in their day-to-day lives.  

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Flow PerFormance Training Mission & Goals

Our mission is to co-create healthy, meaningful, and supportive relationships with people who are ready to take their sport, level of fitness, and self-care, to optimal levels.  


About Alicia & Farrah


Alicia Thompson

Alicia began playing competitive basketball at the age of 9. She was a starter and all-star player on her 7th and 8th grade Middle School teams which both went undefeated.

Alicia participated in track and field where she went on to become a 4-time shot put state champion, and 1-time discus state champion: earning her a full basketball and track scholarship to Texas Tech University. Thompson, who was recruited by hundreds of schools across the nation for both basketball and track, chose Tech a year after they won the Women’s Final Four National Championship. 

She was the recipient of many MVP awards in high school, being voted the best female basketball player in West Texas her senior year. She went on to become one of Texas Tech’s most awarded players being named a Kodak All- American, Texas Tech Hall of Famer (2008) and Big Twelve Player of the Year in 1998.Thompson was inducted into

the 2017 SouthWest Conference Hall of Fame, and currently holds the number two spot as Tech’s all-time leading scorer and rebounder; only behind Carolyn Thompson. Alicia represented Texas Tech by playing on the U.S. Junior National Olympic Team which brought home the Silver Medal in 1996.

Thompson was a first-round draft pick (9th Overall) of the 1998 WNBA Draft; being selected by the New York Liberty. She played for two other WNBA teams; the Indiana Fever and Seattle Storm, where she won a WNBA championship in 2004. She retired from the league a year

later. Alicia also played professional basketball internationally in Spain, Israel, Sicily, Naples, and Istanbul Turkey.

In its first year of existence, Thompson, as the Head Basketball Coach and Director of Operations, led the WMLBA’s (Women’s Minor League Basketball Association) Dallas Lightning to the 2017 Championship. 

After a 5-year career in high school teaching and coaching, Thompson enjoys sports performance coaching, basketball training, and public speaking. She was this year’s NCAA and Big Twelve Women’s Final Four Ambassador, being the voice for women’s basketball; giving her the opportunity to inspire youth of all races, ages, and genders. Alicia thanks her mom for the part she played in her successes in life; saying her mother never let her quit, and always told her to

believe in herself. Thompson says her mom was her hero. “I love motivating today’s youth,” Thompson said. “I want our future generation to live happier, healthier, meaningful lives, and to build happier, healthier, meaningful relationships.”


Farrah Sharpe

As a scholar-practitioner, Farrah is committed to helping people reach their highest potential by teaching self-care activities that stimulate and nurture the whole person; mind, body, soul, and spirit. Currently, a doctoral student at Sophia University, Farrah studies Transpersonal Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Neuroscience and Creative Expression.

Farrah recognizes the intimate connection between mind, body and creativity and shares this knowledge advocating for healthy changes within her community. 

Farrah shares a wide variety of complementary and integrative healing techniques; including mindfulness, guided meditation, life coaching strategies, art expression, hypnotherapy, Tantra Yoga, mindful movement, Reiki and much more. 

Philosophy of Service

Farrah’s integrative approach is derived from many multi-cultural influences and diverse philosophical, scientific, and medical traditions. Holding a Specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Medicine from Saybrook University, Farrah's work is inspired by the innovative and transpersonal works of Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, and

Joseph Campbell.

She explores the influences of these great teachers and incorporates their mythological perspectives, archetypal imagery, and expansive outlook on consciousness into her integrative practice.

In her professional work with clients, Farrah establishes an ongoing relationship to facilitate personal development by using deep listening skills and providing science-based mind-body therapies for deep transformation as needed. Farrah helps her clients to become conscious and aware of the present moment helping them to discover patterns of behavior and the inner self-talk that may be guiding their


Her highest priority is helping others to relax and surrender to what is so they may take the necessary actions for change. She helps people move beyond limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and into life affirming behaviors. Farrah believes that mind-body medicine, tantra yoga, and creative expression are keys to life. Her goal is to help her clients flourish and thrive as they realize fulfillment and deep relaxation through self-care, movement, and self-expression.



Master's of Fine Art at Pacific Northwest College of Art.  

Master of Science Mind-Body Medicine Saybrook University of Integrative Health Sciences with a Specialization in Consciousness, Spirituality and Integrative Medicine from Saybrooks Psychology Department 2015- 2017

Traditional Tantra Yoga Instructor (RYT 200) Shri Kali Ashram, Goa, India 2014

Maharishi University of Management: David Lynch Graduate School of Cinematic Arts (non degree seeking) Residential Film-making Classes: August - December 2013 

Bachelor of Science in Psychology -  University of Phoenix Palm Beach Gardens Campus 2009 - 2013

ThetaHealing Advanced DNA Level I & Level II  - Fort Lauderdale, Florida 2012

Reiki Healing Level 1 and Level 2 Attunements - Miami Florida 2011

  • Trained in NeuroProgramer 3 

Transcendental Meditation Technique - Maharishi Foundation - Boca Raton, Florida 2009

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We provide the ultimate healing services in mind, body, soul and spirit. Our clients experience new levels of happiness and fulfillment as they make healthy integrative changes in their lives.  We are your partners and friends on your personal development journey into physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. We are here to support you on your journey into optimal health. 

With love,

Farrah and Alicia "Chelle"