Alicia Thompson's FUTURE LEADERS Basketball Academy

We put the FUN back into fundamentals!

Core Philosophies

Whether you are new to the game of basketball or a superstar looking to improve your skills, the AT Basketball Camps provide sound foundational and fundamental teachings! 

Our camps are designed to teach core Basketball Skills, self-care, resiliency, deep relaxation and more. 

Take Your Game to The Next Level!

We help to prepare students and teams for regional, state and national recognition in basketball! Athletes will be introduced to a dynamic program that will teach them zone state and flow training for optimal game performance, strength and conditioning, speed, agility, plyometrics, flexibility, nutrition, yoga, meditation and much more!




Learn, Reflect, Play

Basketball Training





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Flow Performance Training & Wellness

4123 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas, TX 75219, US

(206) 779-4406


Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm

Saturday: By appointment

Sunday: Closed