FUTURE LEADERS Empowerment Training

Integrative Wellness approaches for stress reduction, resiliency, increased well-being, and optimal human functioning.

Champions building champions in the game of life!

Core Philosophies

Our future generation has a need for love, inspiration, mentorship, resiliency training, and self-care tools that can help them to win at the game of life.  

The Future Leaders program shares integrative wellness approaches for stress reduction, increased well-being, and optimal functioning for both students and those in current leadership positions.


Our mission is to co-create healthy, meaningful, and supportive relationships with individuals and communities who want to learn to cultivate flow, happiness and well-being in their life.

After school programs, teachers workshops, and day retreats provide today’s youth & the worlds professionals with the tools necessary for taking control of their personal well being and being happier, healthier individuals.

Together, through the teaching and research of athletic fundamentals, mind body medicine, self-care, self-love, and compassion practices we learn to bring a quality of awareness that is non-judgmental, peaceful and compassionate to our lives. This feeling opens us up to experiencing our life more fully. 

When we begin to live within the present moment and interact with life more fully, with an acceptance of all emotional, bodily, and cognitive states that arise we experience a new level of freedom and happiness. 

This acceptance and self-love then transforms these states into conditions that are easily assimilated, and they no longer have the power to control us.


With our new level of consciousness, we can “manage” our emotions and thoughts with more clarity and make better choices for health, happiness and well-being in our lives. These practices equip us to approach life’s challenges with an intelligent response, rather than with less aware, more painful, knee-jerk reactions. 

Emotional Health

Self-care is about learning to consciously, intentionally take action to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health for ourselves, in order that we can better meet the needs of those we serve.  Participants will learn self-care strategies for their own personal and professional wellness that have the power to influence and transform any organization and community.

This can help prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and other stress related conditions while also creating and supporting a caring and compassionate living/working/learning environment.  

Ideal Communities and Organizations Served by this training:  

  • Education (K-12 and higher ed)
  • Families who experience (traumatic loss, addiction, and mental health conditions)
  • Corporate Settings (Team Building and Workplace      Disruptions)
  • Community-based Health Centers (chronic illness, preventative and integrative medicine approaches)
  • Residential programs (at-risk youth, substance abuse, and mental health conditions) 
  • Military & Armed Forces Programs 

The Future Leaders Empowerment Training program is developed by Alicia Thompson and Farrah Sharpe.  If you are interested in learning more and want to bring this program to your school, community and/or organization please contact us today.   


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Champions building champions in the game of life!

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