Rebound: The Alicia Thompson Story

Former WNBA Player / Trauma Recovery Advocate 

In this very personal presentation, Alicia shares her story in an open and honest format with just a microphone. The event will start with a five-minute video introducing Alicia Thompson and showing highlights of her basketball career and her dream to play in the WNBA, which almost didn’t happen a result of sexual abuse trauma in childhood and sports injuries in her adolescent years. From growing up in Big Lake, TX to playing Division 1 basketball at Texas, Tech University and in the WNBA, she will take the audience on her journey from traumatized to champion. Additionally, she will relate her story to the audience addressing themes of anxiety, depression, shame, guilt and shutting down and becoming introverted and angry as a form of self-harm. To conclude the event, Alicia will answer questions from the audience.

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I share my experience and break down barriers of fear by sharing my truth.  


Speaking Engagements

How To Become A Champion: A Conversation with Alicia Thompson

This program format has been designed for school assemblies and community groups, with the focus of relating Alicia’s story to school-aged audiences nationwide. Following a DVD highlighting Alicia’s basketball career and journey to mental wellness, Alicia will touch on such topics as anger, fear, peer pressure, bullying, and sports as a healthy form of self-care. Additionally, Alicia will share statistics of mental health and trauma among teens nationwide. To conclude the event, Alicia will answer questions from the audience.

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I am a champion. I’ve ALWAYS been a champion! Now, I am a champion building champions in the game of life.  



The Future Leaders Program

The Future Leaders program shares integrative wellness approaches for stress reduction, increased well-being, and optimal functioning for both students and those in current leadership positions.  Together, through the teaching and research of athletic fundamentals, mind body medicine, self-care, self-love, and compassion practices we learn to bring a quality of awareness that is non-judgmental, peaceful and compassionate to our lives. This feeling opens us up to experiencing our life more fully.  When we begin to live within the present moment and interact with life more fully, with an acceptance of all emotional, bodily, and cognitive states that arise we experience a new level of freedom and happiness.  This acceptance and self-love then transforms these states into conditions that are easily assimilated, and they no longer have the power to control us.With our new level of consciousness, we can “manage” our emotions and thoughts with more clarity and make better choices for health, happiness and well-being in our lives. These practices equip us to approach life’s challenges with an intelligent response, rather than with less aware, more painful, knee-jerk reactions. 

Emotional Health

Self-care is about learning to consciously, intentionally take action to maintain physical, mental, and emotional health for ourselves, in order that we can better meet the needs of those we serve.  Participants will learn self-care strategies for their own personal and professional wellness that have the power to influence and transform any organization and community.This can help prevent burnout, compassion fatigue, and other stress-related conditions while also creating and supporting a caring and compassionate living/working/learning environment. 

Ideal Communities and Organizations Served by this training:    

  • Education (K-12 and higher ed)
  • Families who experience (traumatic loss, addiction, and mental health conditions)
  • Corporate Settings (Team Building and Workplace      Disruptions)
  • Community-based Health Centers (chronic illness, preventative and integrative medicine approaches)
  • Residential programs (at-risk youth, substance abuse, and mental health conditions) 
  • Military & Armed Forces Programs 

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The Future Leaders Empowerment Training program was developed by Alicia Thompson and Farrah Sharpe.  If you are interested in learning more and want to bring this program to your school, community and/or organization please contact us today. 

Motivation and Empowerment

Former WNBA Player / Trauma Recovery Advocate



A Standard Event includes:


20 minutes - 1-hour Keynote Speech

3 - 8 hours of Future Leaders Training

25 pre-signed items

1 - 2 pre-event (call-in) or onsite interviews (to help

promote the event)

15-minute employee/management meet and greet

2-2.5 hour public appearance- autographs,

photographs, meet and greet

Name and likeness usage for promotion in conjunction

with the event

Customized autograph cards with Celebrity photo, bio

and company logo.

Event & Appearance Fees can range anywhere from $3,000 to $75,000 and up, depending on the event.

Discounts are extended for non-profits and can range from 20-60%.

Non-profit Events and Fundraising Programs


I love participating in charitable events and fundraisers at a lower investment than our corporate appearance fee, especially for causes close to our heart; however it is rare that we are able to offer our services for no charge.

A standard fundraising appearance includes:

20 minutes - 1-hour Keynote Speech

25 pre-signed items

2-3 hour time commitment depending on your needs

Q & A, autograph/photograph session, meet and greet,

media interviews.

Speaking History


NCAA Big Twelve Women’s Final Four Ambassador 2018


      Read to the Final Four Spelling Bee Emcee

      Dallas Pals Basketball Camp and Clinic Coach

      Kay Yow Foundation Event Emcee

      United Way Dr. Seuss Read to the Final Four Celebrity Guest

      Skyline High School Read to the Final Four Event Emcee

      Beyond the Baseline Leadership Program Moderator

      Beyond the Baseline- Women of Power Program Moderator

      Beyond the Baseline-Legends of the Game Panelist 

      Live in the Park! 5k and Health Festival

      WNBA Dallas Wings Draft Party Legends Panelist

      Final Four Alicia Thompson Bootcamp 

      Final Four Tourney Town Legends HORSE Challenge Celebrity Guest


Building Passion & Purpose

Pro Merit Management Professional Basketball Combine Panelist 

Oakwood ISD Sports Banquet KeyNote Speaker

Odessa Permian High School Sports Banquet KeyNote Speaker

Flow Performance Training Workshop Speaker for Texas Tech Women’s Basketball

Texas Tech Leadership KeyNote Speaker

Bank of America Corporation Team Building Keynote Speaker

Viridian Middle School Career Day Guest Speaker

Sister Alice’s School Career Day Guest Speaker


Motivation & Leadership

Lubbock Boys and Girls Club KeyNote Speaker

Reagan County High School Sports Banquet KeyNote Speaker

GoodFellow Air Force Base Alicia Thompson Tournament KeyNote Speaker and Celebrity Guest

Houston Texas Boys and Girls Alternative Program KeyNote Speaker

Seattle Storm Community Assist Representative and Speaker



I'm a former WNBA champion, Division-1 collegiate Kodak All-American, First-Team All-American, Big Twelve Player of the Year, Two-Time Hall-of-Famer and WMLBA Championship coach who has played and won many games in my life. I've lived out my dreams and passions of being a professional athlete. Now, I'm living out another dream and passion of mine, which is motivating and inspiring today's youth through motivational speaking, after-school programs, mentorship programs and sports performance coaching and training. I’ve always had the desire for uplifting our youth because our children are the leaders of our future, however, they desperately have a need for positive words of encouragement, they have a need for strength, hope, discipline, self-love, and self-respect. All of these qualities to replace bullying, teen suicides, teen depression, anger, and hate.

As a former high school teacher and coach with an innate ability for building solid, foundational and meaningful relationships with my students; I want to use my platform as a professional athlete to better the lives of our children by teaching them compassion, leadership, teamwork and support for themselves and each other.  Now let’s face it, ...Kids LOVE pro athletes, they emulate pro athletes, they LISTEN to pro athletes and I would love the opportunity as a professional athlete, to use my voice to share with your students the keys to transforming their lives; and to share my stories of success from very humble beginnings. 

I am a champion. I’ve ALWAYS been a champion! Now, I am a champion building champions in the game of life. I want our future generation to live happier, healthier, meaningful lives and I want them to build happier, healthier, meaningful relationships. I am so thrilled to have the opportunity to share my story, but I’m especially thrilled to see how excited your students are going to get about playing in the game of life AND playing to WIN...; after hearing what I have to say! 


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