Personal Training

Personal Training provides in-depth, focused one on one instruction clients can't receive in a group setting. With comprehensive, customized programs designed for weight loss, cardiovascular endurance, muscle building, strength-building and flexibility, to name a few; client accountability through personal training provides success most people struggle to achieve on their own.

Although we offer one on one instruction for those seeking a more focused, attentive style of training, we also offer group training for those seeking group support and communal, team-like atmospheres.

Flow Performance Personal Training provides an exciting, structured, independently empowered, strategic approach; giving clients a phenomenal experience of mental and physical changes.

Performance Training

Flow Performance Training provides training specific to the performance of a particular sport or activity. This category also provides sports psychology and techniques used to assist in being and maintaining "zone-state" performances such as pitching a 3-game no hitter, or scoring 20 points with missing a single shot.

 While the movement principles of training is the same for all sports, there are also some movements that are specific to a particular sport. For example, throwing a baseball is a different movement than shooting a basketball; therefore, you would have to train a baseball athlete in some ways, different than a basketball player and vice versa. 

Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-Body Medicine is a component of Integrative and Functional Medicine which focuses on the connection between the mind and the body and the measurable ways in which mental, emotional and spiritual factors directly affect one’s health.  

Mind-Body Medicine self-care practices naturally enhance your capacity for relaxation, resiliency, compassion, self-awareness, self-healing, creativity and self-love.


Sessions can include a variety of self care options. Meditation, Tantra Yoga, mindful movement, ecstatic dance, mindful eating, journaling, artistic expression, meditation, chakra healing, and kundalini dance, Reiki Healing and more.  

Flow in the Kitchen | Clean Eating & Plant Based Nutrition Transitioning

It's important to get the right balance of vitamins and nutrients for optimal performances in all areas of life.

 Learning proper balanced eating with fun and flavorful foods makes nutritional goals achievable. Flow Performance will provide nutritional guidance and accountability for a challenging, yet enjoyable nutritional lifestyle transformation.    

This program is designed to guide you (over time) through the process of creating the healthiest eating style which will contribute to your overall wellness plan.  

Start where you are even if you still eat meat! We'll prepare plant-based meals along with some of your favorite meals helping you the whole way! We got you!  

Life Purpose Coaching

Are you ready to merge your creative talents, passions and your ability to create a life of fulfillment?  

Start where you are, just get started! Your life is waiting! Its time to awaken your senses and cultivate a life experience you absolutely love! 

Don't fall asleep and forget that your job is just a job, remember to live your passions. Don't fall asleep and forget your purpose. You DO have a purpose. A Universal purpose you have! (in my yoda voice) If you have forgotten your passions, creativity and purpose and found yourself living a boring and monotonous life (please call me a.s.a.p.)!

Life coaching is fun, it's freeing, it will change your life and help you to achieve your dreams. 


Flow Training | Sport Psychology and Mental Training

Flow Training helps people in all fields uncover hidden beliefs and attitudes that keep them from performing at their highest level of potential. 

You’ll learn mental strategies field specific to help you discover your zone and quickly discover your flow in any situation. At this level of flow you perform at your peak more often, overcoming performance plateaus, fears and any lack of consistency in your performance.    

Flow Training helps to overcome doubts, to be proactive and more self-confident.  

Flow Session


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Wellness Challenges

21 Days of Wellness and 1 week of integration! Are you ready to go all in! Join one of our Wellness challenges today!  Participate in fun, healthy competitive challenges for a quick jumpstart in your health and wellness. Challenges last anywhere from 21-30 days; giving participants time to build healthy and sustainable habit changes that will make them successful with their wellness goals. 

Weight Loss Wellness

If you are trying to shed unwanted fat, our weight loss wellness package is the way to go! Enjoy the benefits of fat burning workouts and eating plans without spending hours in the gym and tons of nutritional restrictions. 

Get the rockstar body you want with guidance in nutritional and training practices created with efficiency in mind. By using pyschology tools and techniques, clients are able to find root and core issues that may be causing weight gain, and/or preventing weight loss.

All Ages Athletic Training

Flow Performance Training provides athletic training for all ages with beginner, intermediate, advanced or professional experience. Athletic Training programs are designed to fit the specific sport and goal of the athlete. A comprehensive consultation helps the coaches and clients gain clarity on specific goals and expectations for success. Flow Performance has assisted clients in making their school athletic teams, earn starting spots on the team roster, and gain athletic scholarships to play on the collegiate level. Training includes sports pyschology and mental imagery training to enhance athletic performance; helping the athlete to perform in a "zone-state" which is performance at the ultimate level. It also provides tools which aid in performing in high stress situations on the playing field or court.

Corporate Wellness


Watch corporate goals skyrocket with the help of Flow Performance Training and Wellness's Corporate Wellness program. Physical and mental health is important for optimal performance. By practicing the Flow Performance module which teaches healthy communication, teamwork, leadership, role acceptance, support, active listening and respect amongst co-workers and bosses, your company will not only accomplish team goals, but do so in a healthy, supportive, fun, interactive environment; which allows each individual to use their strengths and creative talents.

Family Wellness


There is nothing like going on a health and wellness journey as a family unit! It's so much fun being active as a family(enjoying biking rides), cooking as a family(grilling), and enjoying motivation from your family( high-fiving)! Integrative Wellness assists with behaviors that may be blocking the success of the family as a whole.Programs are designed specific to family needs.

Couples Wellness

 Begin a healthy lifestyle change mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally with your lover. Flow Performance teaches techniques to enhance the relationship you and your partner have; allowing healthy expression to stimulate forgiveness, compassion, support, and intimacy. Couples experience growth and maturity together by focusing on self-care.  200% relationships are the key to a happy and successful partnerships. This means each partner discovers what it means to become 100% whole within themselves and then share this with their partners. Learn mind body and wellness tools to ignite, spark and enhance your love life and relationships. 

Optimal Living

Mindful Picnic in the Park

For lovers or a group of friends seeking to become more mindful together. Enjoy a mindful picnic in the park.

Creative Expression

Explore Your Heart. The Innermost You through Creativity.  Awaken to a personal path of self-discovery, initiated and practiced through meditation and creativity. We use Art and Embodiment as a method for communication with your consciousness. In this process you can express your true self through various forms of art-making, meditation, poetry, movement, singing, conversation and more.  

Tantra for Couples

Mind Body Sexual Therapies for personal and couples evolution. 

Body Sculpting

Create the body of your dreams with mindful body sculpting.


Total Transformation

Mind, Body, Soul, Spirit, Abundance Transformation 

Sacred Medicine Retreat in Peru

Relax, reconnect and realign with your true purpose & passion in the Peruvian jungle.

Come and immerse yourself in a magical journey of transformation, self-discovery, and growth exploring the world’s ancient spiritual traditions, wisdom teachings, sacred locations, ceremonies, and healing practices.  Travel and transform your life while you enjoy 9 days of deep healing and inner exploration with the sacred medicine Ayahuasca and authentic Andes Qero and Amazonian Shipibo Shamans.   Please visit for more information.

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